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Did you know that upholstery is one of the top items harboring undesirable 'dwellers'? Yes, we are referring to dust mites and allergens, molds, bacteria and viruses, harmful particles and chemicals, among others. Thus, your upholstered items should undergo scheduled cleaning from an expert. This is to keep it spotless and germ-free and, thus, safe for use.

While "carpet" is in our name, Laser Bright Carpet Care offers more than that. We provide professional upholstery cleaning as well. Our 40 years of combined industry experience can assure you of the best quality cleaning service you can find around Parker. We use state-of-the-art equipment and green cleaning solutions for a spotless yet environmentally-friendly result.

Our upholstery cleaning uses a process that effectively cleans while maintaining the integrity of the materials. We clean while we see to it that the upholstery fibers remain intact.

And, we should not forget to mention that we are among the most affordable cleaning service providers in town. Request a FREE quote today!

Upholstery Cleaning Parker

Upholstery Cleaning Parker